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Awesome* does rapid JavaScript development. We build things with JavaScript/AJAX, integrate plugins & craft brilliant websites. Learn moreor start a project- from $50.

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A Bit About Us

The Team

Awesome* is a small team of people who know their way around JavaScript. We keep things focused—only projects involving JavaScript—which means we have a keen sense for both the little details and the big picture.

What's more, we understand good design. So when we are turning yours into code, we make sure it doesn't get lost in translation. We've learnt all this working with some of the best including Ebay, NBC and Walt Disney.

The Code

Outside/ JavaScript-based visual effects that look good and play smoothly – like James Bond on ice-skates.

Inside/ We keep it clean & lean. Because code that's easy to read and understand can reduce maintenance time & costs down the line.

Common Sense Test/ We test our code on ALL the popular browsers & operating systems.

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We're a good fit if..

You have a design that you're excited about, and you need it marked up into XHTML/CSS and spit-shined with JavaScript.

You have a webpage that's already coded, and you want us to add some JavaScript sparkle.

You find a premade script on another site—let's say this modal box—and you need it implemented, as is, or customized with your own design.

You want a tailor-made script or plugin built to your specifications.

You're a web company and need skilled JavaScripters on an ongoing basis.

7% Footnote: 7% of our earnings go towards helping Save The Children, Kiva, and Open Source Projects